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Every year 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day in India because on this day the Constitution of India came into force. It is celebrated as the national festival of India which has been declared as a national holiday.

Gandhi Jayanti and Independence Day are two other national holidays. After the consolidation of the Constitution of India in the Indian Parliament on 26 January 1950, our country became a fully democratic republic.

On this day there is a great Indian Army Parade which usually starts from Vijay Chowk and ends at India Gate. The Indian Army (Army, Navy, and Air Force) salutes the President of India as they parade at Rajpath.

The Indian Army showcases the might of India through parades and by showcasing all the great inventions like tanks and big guns. After the army parade, every state of India shows its tableau displaying its culture and tradition. After that, a tricolor (colors of our honorable national flag like saffron, green and white) flowers are showered in the sky by airplane.

Students celebrate this day by organizing great programs like a parade, flag hoisting, singing the national anthem, reading speeches, playing the role of freedom fighters, dancing, singing, drama plays, helping in social campaigns, quiz competition, essay writing in schools, and colleges.

Celebrate the day Huh. Poster Display, Magic, Comedy Activities, etc. On this day every Indian should take the oath to make this country a peaceful and developed country. In the end, every student gets sweets and a handkerchief and happily goes to their home…… Jai Hind, Jai Bharat…

Paragraph on republic day

India is a republic country where there is no king or queen to rule, although the people of this country are the rulers. We all living in this country have equal rights, no one can be president, chief minister, or prime minister without voting for us. We have the right to choose our best prime minister or another leader to take this country in the right direction.

Our leaders should be capable enough to think in favor of our country. They should think equally about every state, village, and city of the country so that India can become a well-developed country without discrimination of caste, religion, poor, rich, upper class, lower-class middle class, illiteracy, etc.

Our leader should have domination of money in favor of the country so that every officer can follow all the rules and regulations in the wrong way. Every officer should follow Indian rules and regulations to make this country a corruption-free country. “26 January quotes

Only a corruption-free India will be a truly and truly “unity in diversity” country. Our leaders should not treat him as a special person, as he is one of us and has been chosen according to his ability to lead the country. They have been selected by us to serve their true services in India for a limited time.

26 January essay in English

Therefore there should be no confusion between their own ego and authority and status. As Indian citizens, we are also fully responsible for our country, we should make ourselves up-to-date, read news and what is happening in our country, right or wrong, what our leaders are doing.

Yes, there should be complete information about it. First of all, what are we doing for our country? Earlier India was a slave country under British rule, which became independent after many years of struggle by the sacrifice of thousands of lives of our freedom fighters. “26 January quotes

So we should not give up their priceless sacrifices easily and make this country a slave country again under corruption, illiteracy, inequality, and other social discrimination. Today is the best day when we should take the oath to preserve the real meaning, status, status of our country, and most importantly the culture of humanity.

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