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A long time ago, a poor man became very troubled by his poverty. Due to his poverty, it became very difficult for him to take care of his family. The burden of maintaining a wife and two children had created turmoil in his mind.

Due to this turmoil, he decided to leave the house and run away. And one night he quietly left his home and family. He was going through the night without fixing any destination.

When he reached a riverbank, he saw Lord Buddha camping there with his disciple. Seeing this, he decided that he would become a sanyasi and would live with him by becoming a disciple of Lord Buddha.

Taking this decision, he went to Lord Buddha’s tent and fell at his feet, and started begging him to keep him with him as his disciple. Lord Buddha took blessings of that poor man and made him his disciple.

After that, when Lord Buddha’s convoy moved forward, he also went with him. It was a hot month. Lord Buddha’s convoy was going on. When he reached a forest, everyone stopped to rest under the tree.

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Lord Buddha was very thirsty due to the heat. He said to his new disciple, “There is a lake nearby, you go and get water from there. Hearing the order of Lord Buddha, he went to get water in the lake.

When he reached near Sarobar, he saw that some wild animals were making a fuss in Sarobar. But when he reached near Sarobar, all the people ran away in fear. “Gautam buddha quotes

The disciple went to the lake and saw that the water of the lake had become very dirty due to the fussiness of the animals. The mud and rotten leaves of Sarobar had come out.

Seeing so much dirty water, he came back without taking any water. And came and said to Lord Buddha, “Lord, there was very dirty water in that lake. He can’t even drink it.

After listening to the disciple, God did not say anything for a while. Then said to him, “Go and get water from that lake.” Hearing the order of Lord Buddha, that disciple went to get water, but he was thinking in his mind that how would Lord Buddha drink so much dirty water?

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When he reaches the lake while walking, he is surprised to see that the water of the lake has become pure and clean. He comes to Lord Buddha with water and asks him how the water of Sarobar became so clean in a short time. “Gautam buddha quotes

Then Lord Buddha explained it to him and said, “When Jabbar was fussy in the water, then his mud appeared, but after remaining calm for some time, the mud sat back down and the water became clear again. Similarly is the state of our mind.

The hustle and bustle of life create turmoil in our minds and then we take wrong decisions. But before taking any decision, if we keep our mind calm and sit patiently and think, then that turmoil of our mind also sits down like mud of water and then the decision we take is always right.

Therefore one should never lose patience in bad times.” This teaching of Lord Buddha is understood by him and when he sits and thinks calmly, he realizes that he had taken the wrong decision by leaving home. And he goes back to his home after taking orders from Lord Buddha.

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